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WELCOME TO OUR IMAGES GALLERY We have captured many images over the years as well as the events we have organized. You can visit our hosted event galleries, or scroll down this page.




MISSIONARY RIDGE - GA, NOV. 2019 - Mess No. 1 Event hosted with The Governor Guards. We recreated the three days leading up to and including the famous assault on Missionary Ridge that concluded the Chattanooga Campaign. Click Here to Visit the Image Gallery.


ADVANCE ON FORT HENRY - TN, FEB. 2017 - A Mess No. 1 event by Seth Hancock. Featured a seven mile march and living history near the original Fort Henry grounds. A great weekend at LBL. Thank you to all who participated! Click Here to Visit the Image Gallery.


BUMMERS - GA, NOV. 2009 - Mess No. 1 & the Armory Guards hosted this event which attracted over five hundred living historians to Georgia for the largest authentic event of 2009. This gallery has photos from several participants at the event. Click Here to Visit the Image Gallery.


RICH MOUNTAIN - WV, JULY 2006 - Mess No. 1 created and hosted Rich Mountain with the RMBF. The Federals were the first in 145 years to complete the flank march, and we did it without knapsacks, just like the originals under Rosecrans. Click Here to Visit the Image Gallery.


LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN - TENNESSEE, 2017 - Hosted by the Hairy Nation Boys, we spent an amazing weekend at one of the most iconic Civil War sites in the US with many good friends.

FLOYD'S FOLLY - WEST VIRGINIA, 2015 - We portrayed the 10th Ohio, the regiment of then Colonel William Lytle at Carnifex Ferry. This gallery is from Craig Flick and photos gathered by Dave Hull on Facebook. Let us know if any images are yours and we will assign the proper credit.

HOME SWEET HOME - MINNESOTA, 2015 was held at Fort Snelling, Mineapolis, Minnesota. It was billed as the finale of the 150th Event Cycle since the scenario was the coming home of the 2nd Minnesota Infantry. Mess No. 1 was honored to participate in this event and thanks to Paul Boccadoro for the images in this gallery and for falling in with us at the event. The last ten images were gathered by Steve Spohn on Facebook.

BENTONVILLE 150TH - NORTH CAROLINA, 2015 - The event was led by our good friend, Ivan Ingraham and it turned out to be a smashing success. After a nine mile march on Saturday, we entered the camps to a long line of spectators and soldiers awaiting our arrival. We were proud to represent the 10th Iowa in the bookend to the Shiloh 150th Event.  It was an excellent time for sure.