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VISIT OUR LINKS - If you are involved with Civil War Living History, here are some sites that are well-worth visiting.  We will continue to add new sites going forward until we have a good, comprehensive list.


Authentic Campaigner - Owned & operated by Mess No. 1. This is the home of Authentic Civil War Living History. We highly recommend this forum for discussions about correct gear, period photos, drill, & tactics & more.

AC Facebook Group - Owned & operated by Mess No. 1. This group is a counterpart to the AC Forums. Go here for active discussions about the Authentic Civil War Hobby.

Mess No. 1 Facebook Page - Follow Mess No. 1 on a daily basis with constant updates about our plans, upcoming authentic events, related groups, & other current news in the Authentic Civil War Hobby.


AUTHENTIC UNIT LINKS - A sampling of some of the authentic units who participate in EBUFU events. If you would like to have your organization listed on this page, please send Eric Tipton an e-mail by clicking here.

1st Maine Cavalry - The 1st Maine Cavalry reenacting organization evolved out of the 2nd Maine Cavalry which was formed in Florida by Stevens Bunker in 1959 for the Centennial of the Civil War.

1st Section - An authentic horse-drawn artillery living history organization, based in the Northeast with members from The Liberty Rifles.

11th Ohio Cavalry - Focus on planning and organizing events in and around central Wyoming which involved either the 11th Ohio or 11th Kansas Cavalry units stationed between Fort Laramie and South Pass in the summer of 1865.

24th Missouri - Our good friends Mike Phineas and Michael Comer hail from the 24th Missouri and we have fallen in with them a couple of times, including the 150th Franklin and the 150th Bentonville. An excellent crew out west.  Definitely check them out.

33rd Wisconsin - Our primary military impression is that of Company E, "The Rock County Plough Boys" of the 33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment which served in the 'Western Theatre' of the war.

36th Illinois Regiment , Co. B - Primarily from the greater Chicago and Joliet, Illinois area. We set up different camps, drill, and participate with other Civil War units in the area and at national level events.

52nd Tennessee Infantry - From in and around Shelby County. Our principal reason for existence is to promote an authentic portrayal of Civil War history to the best of our ability and to have fun doing it.

Citizens Guard - An accuracy driven living history group, re-vamped by current Hard Head Mess members and associates who have an interest in the original company that founded in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, 2/22/60.

Hairy Nation Boys - An authentic living history group based mainly out of Iowa. The Hairy Nation Boys are led by Nathan "Holler" Hellwig.  Click on the Link to visit Holler's profile on the Authentic Campaigner. 

Hard Head Mess - The Hard Head Mess is a collection of good friends who desire a little more than what typical Civil War living histories have to offer. Started in 1999 by Tom Klas, Matt Smith, & Andy Voss,


Independent Rifles - The Independent Rifles are a campaigner focused organization with members coming from Tenn, Miss, LA, Alabama, Georgia and Texas. The IVR was first organized in November 1995.


Independent Volunteer Rifles (IVR) - A campaigner, battalion -level living history organization made up of the 3rd Virginia, 10th Virginia, 23rd Virginia and the Princess Anne Grays. Educate, preserve and portray.


Iron Scouts - The "Scouts" recruit outside of geographic boundaries and the unit boasts members from North and South Carolina as well as affiliations with individuals and units from Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee.

The Liberty Rifles - Founded in 1999, the Liberty Rifles (LR) is a group of living historians who strive to accurately portray the common fighting men and homefront civilians of the American Civil War, while excelling in terms of authenticity and organization.


North State Rifles - Based in the State of North Carolina, the North State Rifles were founded in 1999 with the mission to study & recreate the experience of North Carolina's soldiers during the  Civil War.


Palmetto Guards - The Palmetto Guards is a campaigner based unit in South Carolina. We strive to achieve the highest level of authenticity possible, focusing on uniforms, drill, and the life of soldier's on the campaign.

S.C.A.R. - We first fell in with with Jim Butler and SCAR at the Lookout Mountain Event in 2003 and we attended several Living Histories at  Shiloh as well.  Jim was a Commander of a Company at Rich Mountain and the Leader of a Foraging Party at Bummers.


Stonewall Brigade - Created in 1981, a campaigner - style organization, dedicated to authenticity, and active in local Civil War reenacting battles, living histories, and historical interpretation.


Yocona Rip Raps - The Rip Raps seek to portray the lot of the private soldier in the Western Theatre during the War Between the States. We focus on the overall impression as well as the small details.



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